Where Are All The Younger Presidential Candidates?

Lee Mac Arthur
2 min readNov 5, 2022

In the last election, we had two men in their 70’s running for president. One won and one lost but the looser to this day is complaining that he lost the election due to fraud. Although, nothing has been proven, he is threatening to run again when he will be 78 years old. The current president will be 81 during the next election.

It seems as if most of the people who ran last time were well into their years and the younger ones with the new ideas, the new blood were quickly eliminated from the candidate pool. I think it’s time to look at possible candidates who are younger, in better health, and who do not have to “prove” their mental acuity.

I remember hearing in one of my social studies classes that the person who ends up president is under a lot of stress and the job ages them. If this is true, why are we continually supporting people who are old and most likely set in their ways. I suspect our current president and previous president are unable to think outside the box, relate to the part of the population who are living paycheck to paycheck, possibly unable to afford insurance.

There is an image that the older people have the knowledge which is often correct but sometimes I think one can be too old to be president. Perhaps it is time to place an upper age limit in regard to presidential candidates. There is a lower limit so why not an upper limit. This type of limit might allow for candidates who are younger, with better, up to date ideas while nudging some away from the spotlight.

The average age of those who became president since the United States formed is about 55 1/2. That is a good age because if they serve two consecutive terms, they will be under 65 when done but when the president is in their 70’s they may be eighty-something when they finish two terms and that is too old.

So as I said, we need to make way for the younger politicians to have the chance to be president. So for those perpetual candidates in their late 60’s and 70’s, please, get out of the way and let the younger ones in. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. Have a great day.