Too Hard To Escape Right Now.

Tomorrow is the Election Day, a day that is going to determine the next four years. Aside from comments that the person in office is threatening to challenge his possible loss and supporters who are strenuously trying to intimidate voters, I’ve noticed quite a few people who talk about leaving the country should he win or refuse to leave his office.

I understand the thought, I’ve been thinking it myself but there is a major world wide event happening which is making the idea of moving to another country more difficult right now. Many countries are hitting their second or third wave of Covid-19 infections and have instituted major lockdowns while other countries are stating they will accept people from the United States if they have a negative result from a Covid test within the prior 48 to 72 hours.

Some countries require a quarantine even with the negative results or they might require people to purchase a health form upon entry or even health insurance. Other countries restrict American visitors based on the state they are from.

Places such as New Zealand and Australia have become a desirable place to head since they’ve locked down their countries and have managed to get the numbers down. Last, I’ve heard their borders are not open and they probably won’t be open for a while.

Many countries in Europe are a possibility but again, some are locking down and others are readjusting the requirements to enter because the number of cases began increasing even with the testing. The countries who are classified as “Schengen Countries” are currently closed to Americans along with certain Asian countries such as Japan or Vietnam.

Although one is not allowed to cross into Mexico by land, you can still fly in without any testing or health checks so you could go there but no one can guarantee you’d be safer there than where you currently are.

In addition, many countries are open to Americans, it is difficult to get there because there are no direct flights and you might have to fly through a country that won’t allow you in, even if you plan to stay in the airport.

It is nice to think of escaping the madness gripping the country currently but the reality of doing it is much harder right now. Besides, we won’t know what is happening until after the election is over and the virus has disappeared from our daily lives.

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. Have a great weekend.



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