The Cult Of Trump

Lee Mac Arthur
2 min readNov 10, 2022

Here we are, two years after the election of Biden and days after the midterm elections. There are whispers of fraud in this election, whispers of who will announce their presidential candidacy, and continued legal challenges.

There are still followers who argue that the last election was stolen while evidence is coming out that the loser was trying to figure out how to declare the election results fraudulent, how to overthrow the government so Trump could install himself as ruler of this country.

Two years later, the song is the same yet there is no real evidence that Trump illegally lost the presidency due to everyone working against him. No real evidence yet they are still complaining and whining about it rather than looking to the future, legitimately planning a strategy.

There is some evidence that Trumps cult is slowly disappearing since most of the people he backed lost. It appears many of those in the Republican Party are beginning to distance themselves from Trump since his power appears to be fading somewhat.

He still has his hanger-ons but even his appointed judges seem to be distancing themselves from him by not providing the same degree of protection. In fact, many followers are turning and giving Trump up so they get lighter sentences or because they do not want the consequences for refusing to speak after being forced into court.

The worst in this whole situation is that Trump does not seem to realize that his ship is not floating as well as it had before. I honestly wonder if he is operating on a full deck of cards since nothing that happens seems to change his focus. The focus is still on losing the last election, not on what is happening at the moment.

It is time for everyone to move on, figure out what is best for the country and go that way. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. Have a great day.