Poll Watchers, Law Enforcement, And Voting

As Election Day comes closer, we see more and more reminders of people who want to ensure in their own way that all voters are not perpetrating fraud. Unfortunately, most of these “helpful” citizens belong to the Cult Of Trump.

Although Trump lost the election in 2020, he is unable to let go and move on. Consequently, his followers stand behind his outrageous claims of fraud even though nothing has been proven. So now with the mid-term elections, his followers have decided to make sure that fraud will not happen in several different locations.

In Arizona, we have people watching ballot boxes with guns and protection, asking for personal information so they can “check out” every voter. They claim that being told they can’t do this is a violation of their first amendment rights, they are infringing on the citizens right to vote and have their actual vote protected.

This is along the lines of the helpful voting advisors back before he Jim Crow laws got thrown out. These advisors made sure everyone voted properly by using intimidation and other tactics. In addition, there are cameras watching the ballot boxes 24/7 to make sure nothing happens so these people do not need to be anywhere near rhe sites.

In Pennsylvania, one county has law enforcement officers at early voting to make sure that they voted by asking the questions. That in and of itself can be intimidating to many people, especially those who have not had good experiences with them in the past.

Now, we have the Republican Party going to court to have certain mail in ballots thrown out. I know of several voters who chose to do vote via mail-in because they didn’t want to vote in person. In fact, l have voted via mail-in because I was workin in another place when Election Day came around and I couldn’t get home to vote.

As a person who has had to rely on mail-in voting over the past 20 years, I would feel disenfranchised if a party decided to challenge my vote in this manner.

It feels as if we have a certain percentage of the population doing everything they can to disenfranchise and intimidate voters in the hopes they can deny everyone the right to vote and only allow those who believe the same way they do to vote.

We need to get rid of these threats and allow people to vote freely and do so without pressure. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. Get out and vote. Let your voice be heard.



I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at http://myideaofparadiseetc.blogspot.com or http://thoughtsonteachingmath.blogspot.com

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