Megan and Harry — Get Over It Already.

Lee Mac Arthur
2 min readDec 16, 2022

When you first started out, the public saw a beautiful fairy tale as you two met, fell in love, and got married. Megan, you married into the royal family of Great Britain and became one of the senior members. Your job and Harry’s is simply, one of public relations.

The job is to be seen, cut ribbons, visit people and places, and that is it. I guess, it wasn’t good enough. There were accusations of racism and other things but who knows. So the two of you decided to resign from the position and strike out on your own where you could brand yourselves, and make money.

Unfortunately, all we’ve seen is the Oprah interview and the Netflix series. The first, you used to share your story and the second allowed more of the same. The problem is that I was under the impression you all wanted to be away from the prying eyes of the press. It doesn’t seem that way.

As for Harry, there are thousands and thousands of people who have lost their parents when young. Others who grew up in abusive families, drug and alcohol situations and so many other traumatic situations. It is possible to get over everything by getting the correct type of therapy. Get it and move on.

If you want privacy, you can step back from the limelight, live a quiet life that is not filled with strife, family disconnects, and you can focus on yourselves and children. Others in the royal family have done it.

If you want to stay in the limelight, why don’t you get over all the “hurts” that have been done to you and look to the future because you will not move forward otherwise. Just get over it and move on or get out of the road. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear.