Losing Ground

Lee Mac Arthur
3 min readDec 5, 2021


Supreme Court Building

I’ve been following what is happening with the Supreme court in regard to Roe vs Wade and abortion in general. From what I’ve read, I’m concerned that we have several judges who are unwilling to consider anything but their agenda.

To hear one justice comment that adoption empowers a woman and there is no need for an abortion tells me that they have never been in the position where they had several children while earning just enough to stay off welfare but not quite enough to support their family and they are pregnant again.

The problem is that abortion does not go away if its outlawed. It just goes underground. If people have money, they fly to places where its legal, get it done, and come back as if nothing happened. Those who don’t have that much money will try to find somewhere relatively close where it is legal. Before abortion was legal, women would drive elsewhere but if they can’t do that they have to look for someone who can take care of it just like shown in “Call the midwife”.

It is bad when a woman has to resort to using the services of someone who is not really trained, and who may not have the cleanest tools in the situation. Unfortunately, if all else fails, she’ll try to end the pregnancy with a knitting needle. If the woman is lucky, she’ll be able to have another child but if she’s not, she’ll end up dead.

Some women will hear whispers to brew teas from certain plants that cause abortion or consume the seeds from a specific plant. If they are lucky, it works, if not, they remain pregnant. When a woman is desperate, she’s going to do whatever she can to end the pregnancy.

Yes one of the judges commented on how women can carry the fetus to full term and then give the child up for adoption because adoption empowers women. Don’t they understand that for some women that is not an option? To make them carry to full term is not empowering the woman.

I’m afraid that society might return to the days when parents forced teenagers to give their off spring up at birth due to shame or the idea that it would ruin their lives. Will outlawing abortion cause an influx of “homes” where girls are sent until it’s all over?

I believe we have to have both options available because women need to have the choice. Not everyone believes in abortion so they can give their child up for adoption. Furthermore, they are not forced by society to have an abortion but when abortion is not legal, societal views are being forced on those who want one and their choices are restricted.

It is as if we are trying to make society follow “The Handmaidens Tale”. It is important to keep choices legal for all women, otherwise, it will hurt society in general and women specifically. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.