Is Being Bisexual Having The Best Of Both Worlds?

The though came from a conversation I had with a coworker when I taught at a community college. He taught Art and I taught developmental math, you know the math people take to get the skills needed to take college algebra.

We often talked in the teachers think tank where we hung between classes. We’d talk about cooking, share recipes, talk about his significant other, especially during the 9/11 attack. His significant other was in New York City at the Scholastic book company and got stuck there due to the attack.

One time, he commented that he thought his significant other was in the best position because he was bisexual and could experience the best of both worlds. My friend was homosexual and I am heterosexual. Since we are good friends, I had no problem asking him why he thought that.

His answer was simple. His significant other could enjoy both men and women and not be restricted to one or the other like he and I were. Honestly, this is not a topic I’d normally think about because I’ve always felt that a what a person does sexually is their business but the simple way he talked about choices made me stop and think about it.

He is right in that respect. A bisexual person does have more choices than a homosexual or heterosexual person but I’m sure they also have a preference for which sex they’d rather be with. Please don’t blast me but most people I know whose preferences I am aware of never admit to being bisexual.

I think they’d have preferences the way most of us do. Most of us have preferences for the type of person. I like males who look kind of bad boy with tats, and long hair but they aren’t. I drove my mother crazy because we’d see two guys on the TV screen and I’d be attracted to the one who was a bit more disreputable looking and my mother always pointed out that I should go after the clean cut guy. Anyway, I’m sure that a bisexual has their preferences too.

I’d love to hear what you think about this topic. Let me know in the comments section. Have a great day.



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