I Want “None Of The Above” On The Ballot!

I am not thrilled with either candidate for the presidential election. I’m happy to share my reasoning for wanting a “None of the above”.

First of all, I am not impressed with the current president. This is a man who supposedly graduated from a military school and managed to get a college degree but who doesn’t seem to know much about history.

I can understand his missing the beginning of the pandemic by one year but to tell us the pandemic made the soldiers so sick that it ended World War II just over 35 years later? A man who doesn’t seem to understand or at least know that the constitution prohibits presidents from serving more than two consecutive terms.

I also have issues with a man who seems to communicate more with tweets over paying attention to what is happening with the current pandemic. Furthermore, I hate that he loves staying at his resorts to play golf and in the process is lining his pockets with the money he charges the Secret Service to stay. He seems to prefer golf to stepping up to the plate to do something constructive rather than trying to instigate unrest and a refusal to do what is best for the country. Furthermore, I hate that he is unwilling to follow recommended protocols to slow down the virus.

On the other hand, I’m concerned about the ages of both men. Both Trump and Biden are in their 70’s and with Biden being a bit older, I worry that he might find the presidency too stressful. I do like he’s been following all the rules but I’m not sure what he stands for. I always worry about not knowing what they stand for.

I realize there are third party candidates who regularly run but I’ve been told if I vote for one of them, I’m throwing away my vote but if we had a “None of the above” as a legitimate choice, it would let everyone know we don’t like any of the choices.

I haven’t thought about what would happen other than maybe the two parties could select a different set of candidates who might prove a bit more palatable to the general population but the constitution is not set up to make this change. In fact, to make any change, even one that gives representation to various groups based on the percentage of votes received would require a major overhaul to the constitution.

I guess I’m stuck with the current system but I will vote as I want to be able to say later, “I tried to make a change” and I can grip about the person in power. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. Have a great day.



I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at http://myideaofparadiseetc.blogspot.com or http://thoughtsonteachingmath.blogspot.com

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