Getting Too Much Closer

It appears we are one step closer to having the supreme court decide they made a mistake earlier with Roe versus Wade. The leaked document indicates the supreme court stands poised to reverse it while multiple states are either pushing through or starting the process to totally outlaw abortion and/or contraception.

A friend of mine sees this trend as part of a long range plan to reduce the number of people who are eligible to vote. She pointed out that by outlawing abortion, most places will make it a felony to have one or to help someone else get one. If a person is convicted of a felony, they lose the right to vote so convict a bunch of folks of this and you eliminate those voters.

Personally, I see this as a move to eliminate certain choices from women. It is a step in taking control from women and giving it back to men. Unfortunately, many states are deciding to outlaw abortions for any and all circumstances. No abortion in case of rape, nor incest, and certainly not for a medical exemption.

For those who have the money, they can fly off to one of the states that still allows it but for those who don’t, they will either rely on someone who will help them get to a place where it’s legal or they will have to rely on finding someone who will do it illegally. Illegal abortions are dangerous as they can kill or sterilize women. It is possible, a woman might grab a knitting needle or other sharp item and attempt it themselves and ending up dead.

Please don’t tell me that it won’t happen because it will. Women get desperate and will respond accordingly. I don’t want to hear that it is an opportunity, or that men will stop raping women simply because the law says don’t.

Furthermore, if contraception is outlawed, that will take us back to the early 1900’s when all forms were illegal and sharing information on avoiding pregnancy was illegal. Women might end up going back to relying on word of mouth and old remedies which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. I personally know of two that have been used historically. One is by making a tea of pennyroyal and drinking a bunch of cups each day. The other is a spoonful of crushed Queen Anne’s Lace seeds eaten as a “morning” after solution.

If the Supreme Court and various states are going to repeal the choice of having an abortion, they need to replace it with good accessible, affordable health care for all women and children. Some people forget that many “abortion” clinics also provide affordable health care to women who might not otherwise get it.

Perhaps we should look at helping women, not tearing them down and taking rights and choices away from them. I know many of you will disagree but that is fine. When abortion and contraception are legal, it does not mean you have to do either but when it is illegal, any choice is taken away and the ability to follow the dictates of ones conscience is over ridden. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.



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