Exercise Videos Should Emphasize All Body Types.

Lee Mac Arthur
3 min readNov 26, 2022

Due to the fact my job, I often end up in places with no gyms or studios. I love walking outdoors but that can sometimes be problematic due to weather so I’ve come to rely on using exercise DVD’s. Over the years, I’ve ended up with quite the collection since I have some specific issues I have to keep in mind.

The best type of DVD’s, in my opinion, are those who have people working out with the instructor who are not always skinny with totally flat abs. I like it when there are folks who are not model thin, who have soft tummies, who look like me. Some of the Prevention DVD’s have different sized women, Richard Simmons Sweating To The Oldies has a great variety of people working out and at the end, they show how much weight each person lost.

I also love the DVD’s where the instructor has one person demonstrating the easier version while another person shows the more challenging version so I have a choice. I can go up a step if I’m energetic or down one if I’m sore from the day before. I’ve found several by Jessica Smith and the Dancing the Walk instructor.

In addition, the DVD’s that have length options are great. I love the ones that may be 45 to 60 minutes long but allow me to pick and choose the parts I want so if I only have time for a 20 minute workout, I can do it or if I have trouble getting started, I can go with a 10 minute session and then add on, once I’m done.

The reason I like these three things is because the instructors understand that people come in different shapes and sizes so it is more encouraging to see someone like yourself on the DVD. In addition, when the routine has three different levels to choose from be it easy, medium, or more challenging, it means a person who is just starting won’t get discouraged as easily. Finally, it needs to have choices on length of the workout so you feel as if you don’t have to always force yourself to the finish.

I’ve ended up with some DVD’s created for the dedicated person who has been doing it for a long time and it can be discouraging when everyone has muscles, abs, and looks as if they are just flowing through it and I’m still three moves behind because I’m not like them.

When exercise DVD’s have the people with different shapes and sizes, different levels, and the ability to choose different lengths, it makes me feel as if they are made for ordinary people like me, not for the gym rat who has no puffy tummy, so I feel as if I can do it.

I think those who make exercise DVD’s need to create more videos that make everyone feel as if they can do get in shape and stay in shape without feeling shamed because they don’t have the “perfect body”. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.