Are People Crazy???????

I read news feeds every morning and evening just to see what has happened and to check up on the spread of the coronavirus.

I admit, I have difficulty reading about people who bring out their armor and their weapons, to protest the protective measures a state has implemented.

I understand they are exercising their right to free speech. They are entitled to that. If they choose to defy requests to wear face masks that is their choice but it is also my right to disapprove of such choices if it endangers other people. We do have the right to pursue happiness but not when it hurts others.

Unfortunately, things have moved to a craziness that is beyond reasonble. In the past couple days I have read of at least three cases where people totally lost it and either injured or killed people whose only crime was to follow the rules set down by their employer or by the state.

First is the case in Michigan where a security guard denied entry to a woman who chose not to wear a mask as required by the store. She got mad, went home resulting in her parents and brother returning to kill him. They killed him for enforcing the store’s requirement to wear a face mask.

It has always been the right of stores to deny service if they chose. Many restaurants may refuse service to people who are not wearing shoes, or shirts, or even a tie if it is fancy enough. In this case the stores were only following governmental guidelines. He shouldn’t have been killed for doing his job.

Then you have the woman in Oklahoma City who was upset when she couldn’t eat in the dining room of McDonalds since it was closed due to concerns over the coronavirus. Rather than accepting it, she got a gun and began shooting people. Two employees ended up wounded and one other suffered a head injury.

The latest incident happened when a lady got mad because she was not allowed into a Wal-mart without a face mask. She began swearing while refusing to leave. Then she began acting out to the point a police officer needed to use force to subdue her.

To me, the behavior exhibited by these people is beyond reasonable. It is the behavior of spoiled children who have temper tantrums when they do not get their way. The world runs on rules. Violence won’t change that nor will it change the rules.

I understand there are people out there who will disagree with my point of view. I am exercising my right to free speech by expressing my opinion. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.




I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at or

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Lee Mac Arthur

Lee Mac Arthur

I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at or

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